Brandywine Valley’s Nemours and Colonial Plantation Now Open

As usual, there is so much to do in the Brandywine Valley, especially if you are looking for attractions that allow you to have safe distancing.   Let’s start with Nemours, one of the DuPont estates.  Located just over the Pennsylvania/Delaware border, it is about a 25 minute drive from Hamanassett Bed and Breakfast.  Nemours is a 77 room mansion that has the largest French gardens in North America.  There is also the car garage where you can view vintage automobiles and 200 acres of woods, meadows, and lawns.  Nemours is also about a 10 minute drive from Winterthur, another Brandywine Valley DuPont estate.

Nemours Mansion, a DuPont Estate in the Brandywine Valley.


Happy to report that Dining Under the Stars on State Street in Media (5 miles from Hamanassett Bed and Breakfast) is available every Wednesday evening and the 2nd Saturday of the month, weather permitting of course.  This is hugely popular so reservations are a must.

Enjoy alfresco dining in Media, Pa. every Wednesday and 2nd Saturday of the month.

Enjoy alfresco dining in Media, Pa.

The Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation is now open.  Walk around a yeoman farmer’s grounds and visit his house.  Watch a blacksmith ply his trade, pet the animals, and check out their special events.

April 24th-Slavery and Servitude in Colonial Pennsylvania– Come and see how work was accomplished on the farm. This will be a day for children and adults alike. There will be hands on activities such as candle making and planting in the garden. Ned Hector will address slavery in the colony with his “Imaginary discussion with George Washington”. This 1:00 presentation is designed for grades 3 and up.

As well as a discussion on slavery, volunteers will portray indentured servants, redemptioners, cottagers and poor free laborers. The blacksmith, rumored to have been a convict in his youth, will make and repairs items for the farm. Women will spin and knit to make some extra funds for their Quaker households. The farmers will take part in demonstrating a working ox and horse. It promises to be an educational enjoyable experience. To purchase tickets  or more information on this and events listed below click here.  

Exterior view of the Pratt Family's 18th century stone farmhouse at Colonial Plantation

Colonial Plantation

May 8th & May 15th-Sheep Shearing and Textiles-Saturday, May 8th or Saturday, May 15th, to see the rare breed sheep lose their fleece.  Eva Mergen, one of their farmers,will  explain how to shear and then demonstrate using hand shears.  There will also be people demonstrating most of the steps for turning that wool into cloth for clothing, and visitors will have an opportunity to card wool.  You will learn how to care for sheep, what they eat, and the advantages of various breeds. There will also be a chance to learn about  other farm animals including horses, oxen, pigs, chickens, geese, and turkeys. There will be hearth cooking, garden, farm, and house tours. Check website for shearing times. Enjoy a day in the country. For more info CLICK HERE

Colonial lady demonstrates how to shear a sheep.

Sheep shearing at Colonial Plantation in Pennsylvania.

May 29th-Militia Muster and Lock, Stock and Barrel Display– Join them Saturday, May 29th for a discussion by local historian Chris Reardon  for an in-depth look at the evolution of hunting and military arms from the beginning of European settlement in the Delaware Valley to the Valley’s impact on the arms used as the eastern settlements pushed westward.
There will be a small colonial muster which was a  gathering of local farmers to drill, work, and socialize with good food and music. The muster will include long rifle demonstrations, fire starting, hearth cooking as well as farm chores and farm animals. To purchase tickets 

June 19th-French & Indian War Encampment and Skirmish  It’s the French and British fighting for control of the frontier.

A Rodger’s Ranger leads a local militia as they discover a French raiding party and witness the skirmish which ensues. Visit the French and British campsites. Talk to the soldiers about their uniforms, weapons and strategy for fighting in the wilderness of the frontier.  The French and Indian War determined not only the future of the Pennsylvania frontier but also led to events that put the loyal colonials on a path to revolution. There will also be demonstrations of hearth cooking, woodworking, and other everyday activities of the colonial time period. To purchase tickets or more information  610-566-1725

Of course, we also have wonderful wineries such as Vala Vineyard and Penns Woods and everything is within a 10-30 minute drive from Hamanassett Bed and Breakfast.  Now that you have decided to visit the wonderful Brandywine Valley, all you have to do now is select your room at our bed and breakfast and give us a call at 610-459-3000 or you can book online.

One of the elegant rooms at Hamanassett Bed and Breakfast.

The Tudor Room at Hamanassett Bed and Breakfast.