Costumes of Netflix The Crown Now at Winterthur Country Estate

Many thanks to the Chester County Visitors Bureau for arranging for hospitality professionals  in the Brandywine Valley to attend a private showing of the new exhibit at Winterthur, “Costuming the Crown”.  This exhibit is all  about Netflix’s highly popular show, “The Crown”  which is about the public and private life of Queen Elizabeth II.  The Costuming the Crown exhibit features 40 of the costumes from the first two seasons of the show.  It was a treat having a preview before the exhibit opens wide to the general population.   Winterthur is the 175 room country estate of Henry Francis  DuPont in  Wilmington, Delaware and is now a world class museum of American decor.

Mannequins displaying the dress and robe for the coronation ceremony.

Costuming the Crown, 2019

The exhibit is set up like the previous exhibit of the Costumes of #DowntonAbbey where the costumes are displayed on mannequins with cards with text explaining who wore the costume in the show and information on how the costume was designed.  Many of the costumes are displayed in front of TV screens with the actual scene playing of the actors wearing the costumes on exhibit.  It really helps bring the exhibit to life.  While we enjoyed walking around the exhibit there were employees on hand who happily shared behind the scenes information with us regarding the designers and how the design was conceived.  I was assured that during the exhibit open to the general public there will be guides who will continue to share some of the behind the scenes information not written on cards and answer questions.  After all, there is just so much information that can fit on a small card.  These employees are well versed in knowledge of the costumes and  were happy to respond to all questions.  While you wait for Season Three to begin of #TheCrown, this should help you get your latest fix.  The exhibit helps explain how important the costumes are to creating drama and recreating history.  The attention to detail is simply amazing.  The major designers were  Michele Clapton and Jane Petrie in seasons 1 and 2.  

Mannequins wearing replica of wedding gown of Princess Margaret and one worn in show.

Wedding gown of Princess Margaret.

An example of some of the costumed on display are the coronation robes worn by Clair Foy as Queen Elizabeth I.  The robe is embroidered with the Tudor rose, thistles, and shamrocks, all symbols of the British Empire.  Also on display is the wedding dress of Princess Margaret.  It was interesting to see side by side the replica of the wedding dress of Princess Margaret who was only 5 feet tall and then how it was adapted to fit the actress who portrayed her who stood 5 feet 7 inches tall.  (As an aside, I’m currently reading a biography of Princess of Margaret and learned that some not so nice people referred to her as the Royal Dwarf)!  You’ll also see replicas of some of the royal jewels and tiaras.  In all there are 40 costumes in the exhibit  #costumingthecrown.  Before the costumes were put on exhibit they were quarantined in cold storage for a period of time to make sure there would be no problems tainting other clothing in winterthur’s exhibits.

The exhibit is on display now and will last through January 5, 2020.  Tickets are $20.00 for adults which also allows you to view the DuPont mansion, Winterthur, as well as the other exhibits.  Winterthur is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10 AM to 5 PM.  For more information or call 302-888-4600.

Hamanassett Bed and Breakfast is about 20 minutes from Winterthur so we suggest you  plan your visit to #Winterthur and then select your favorite room . We’ll keep a light on for you!