Escape Rooms add Winter Fun in Brandywine Valley

Live action Escape Rooms have come to  southeast Pennsylvania in West Chester and in Media, Pa.  Put your ability to solve riddles, collect clues, test your intellect and figure out how to get out of the room in your allotted one hour.  Great fun for families and groups.

The Escape Rooms in West Chester are from the people who bring you the Bates Motel every fall,  They offer winter fun without having to brave the elements.  I admit that being from the South, I am a weenie when it comes to outdoor activities in Pennsylvania.  I mostly tend to hibernate as soon as the temperature drops below 60 degrees.  So I was really excited to learn about these attractions that can be enjoyed indoors and are so close to Hamanassett Bed and Breakfast.  These Escape Rooms are brought to you with the same attention to details and thrills as their famous Halloween Haunted Hayride and Bates Motel at the Arasapha Farm in Glen Mills.  These are 60 minutes of interactive entertainment in which you go through secret passages, solve puzzles, crack codes and test your logic in order to escape.

Located nearby in West Chester,  they offer five different Escape Rooms.  They include The Bates Manor Escape Room which is a highly detailed adventure in a Victorian mansion with four rooms.    Your mission, should you accept, is to find the millions of dollars in gold and cash hidden in a safe.  This is accomplished by finding clues, hidden doors and tools with which to crack the safe.  Do you think you can accomplish this in the given time period before the police are notified?

Library in Victorian mansion is one of the escape rooms for Bates Manor.

Bates Escape Victorian Room


Another of the Escape Rooms is Revenge of the Serial Killer.  It is quite a feat to overcome our natural fears.  This adventure challenges you to achieve focus on the tasks while being brave.  In this game you will be a captive in a warehouse of a notorious serial killer and your group will have to work together to escape the madness and terror.  If you were a fan of the “Halloween” franchise or other horror movies, this is definitely the adventure for you.

Yet another adventure is “The Tomb” in which you will be challenged to find the knapsack full of maps and tools of the the explorer who first discovered this tomb and was trapped and died here.  You’ll find historical facts and legends that have been handed down over thousand of years as clues.

A tomb holding an Egyptian gold head and other treasure.

The Tomb.

The Countdown! Escape Room is a hybrid which combines an escape room adventure with a built in mission.  In this high tech adventure you will explore five rooms with sound, lighting, and video effects.  Here you will be on the bridge of an attack submarine and your task is to demolish the enemy.  For more information about the West Chester location click here.

In Media, Pa. there is another company offering escape rooms,  “Xscape The Room” which also offers fun for the family, for team building,  birthdays or just a get together with friends.    Here you will be led by trained facilitators to help you find clues and solve  problems.   Teams comprise 4-10 players.  Both Media and West Chester are great little towns with lots of terrific bars and restaurants so why not make a night of it.  Hamanassett is just about the same distance from each town.

One example of their escape rooms is The Speakeasy.

Several locations in Chester County and Delaware County near Hamanassett Bed & Breakfast offer winter indoor fun with escape rooms.

Speakeasy Escape Room

To learn more the Media Escape rooms click here.

And to check out Hamanassett Bed & Breakfast click here.  Below is one of our most popular rooms, The Tudor, which features a king full canopy bed with attached bathroom with large walk in shower large enough for two!

One of the most popular bedrooms at Hamanassett is the Tudor.

Tudor Bedroom