Philadelphia Zoo Oldest Zoo in America

Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my!  Remember Judy Garland in the Wizard of Oz ?  No need to be afraid when visiting the Philadelphia Zoo.  You can get up close but not too personal with the new Zoo360 which is a series of mesh enclosures suspended above  and around you.  This gives you far more exposure to the animals while allowing the animals more room to roam.  Right now there are five trails:  the gorilla treeway, treetop trails, great ape trails, big cat trails, and meerkat maze.   The trails link current habitats allowing different animals that share similar habitats to share the space and have more space to roam.  Sort of like a time share for animals!  

A western highland gorilla walks along the enclosed pathway at the Philadelphia zoo.

Gorilla at Philadelphia Zoo

Enjoy viewing Western Lowland gorillas as well as many types of monkeys and lemurs.  The big cat trail consists of a mesh enclosure 330 feet long overhead passageway that allows tigers, pumas, jaguars among other felines to travel.  The Great Ape Trail is connected to the orangutan’s habitat and allows them plenty of room to explore overhead.  

Baby orangatan at the Philadelphia Zoo.



A tiger roams in his mesh enclosure high above the ground at the Philadelphia Zoo.


While you are there you won’t want to miss the Water is Life exhibit where you’ll enjoy the antics of the red pandas and otters.  I’ve always thought of otters as the hams of the animal world because of the way they seem to enjoy entertaining us.  In this exhibit there are interactive water sculptures.  You’ll love watching the otters scampering up the rocks and going down the slide.  The exhibit also allows you to view their underwater behavior.

By all means visit the area with zoo babies.  Recent births include Beau, the giraffe, as well as goats, lemurs, baby red pandas, and a tiger cub.  Many of the zoo babies are part of endangered species so the zoo is more than just a place of entertainment.  They are preserving species for the future.  Another new exhibit for 2018 is  Penguin Point which showcases a colony of Humbolt penguins which can be viewed from above and under water.  (The penguins are underwater not you).  These penguins are from the coast of Chile and Peru.  Did you know that Humboldt penguins co-parent, with both the mother and father helping to raise them?  Before the baby is hatched the male and female take turns sitting on the egg while the other goes off to fish.  These are just a few of the interesting facts you’ll learn when you visit the Philadelphia Zoo.

Of course, the zoo also features other animals you expect at a zoo including elephants, leopards, and bears along with birds and amphibians.  Got you interested?  Check out their website for days and hours of operation.  It is one of the best sites I’ve seen,  loaded with videos of various animals playing in their habitats as well as fun facts about the animals and zoo.  Suggest you also check out their special events page.  One event includes a nighttime visit along with drinks, snacks, music and dancing.   Be sure to check out our rooms at Hamanassett Bed and Breakfast so after your fun filled day at the Philadelphia Zoo you’ll have a relaxing night with free parking, free WIFI, a 24 hour guest pantry stocked with drinks, snacks, and fresh baked cookies followed by a fantastic breakfast in the morning.  And while here you can enjoy watching our koi swimming in the pond during the warmer months.