Fort Mifflin Military Museum in Philadelphia

If you are interested in the history of the War Between the States and plan a trip to Gettysburg, you will want to add a trip to Fort Mifflin located on Mud Island just outside Philadelphia to your agenda.  Likewise, for history buffs interested in the Revolutionary War, Fort Mifflin is a must see.  It even provides history of WWI and WWII.  Fort Mifflin is a short 2 hour 15 minutes drive from the Gettysburg National Battlefield.  We suggest visiting Gettysburg then driving to Hamanassett Bed & Breakfast and start out fresh the following morning to visit the fort.

Ft. Miflin Reenactors of American Revolutionary British troops Fire Rifles

British Soldiers of the American Revolutionary Soldiers

Brick walls form tunnels at Ft. Mifflin

Tunnel at Fort Mifflin

Ramparts at Fort Mifflin in Philadelphia

Fort Mifflin In Philadelphia

Let’s begin with the American Revolutionary War and work forward chronologically.  The fort had actually been built by the British and had been captured by the Americans.  It was in a strategic site, guarding the river that ran up to Philadelphia where much needed supplies were needed after the British captured Philadelphia in 1777.  Eventually the British were able to capture the fort but not until after the Americans escaped to Fort Mercer and set the fort on fire.

During the War Between the States (American Civil War) repairs were completed in 1863 and the fort was returned again to active duty but this time as a prison.  Because of break downs in negotiations for prisoners,  Fort Miflin was converted to hold prisoners which included Confederate, Union, and civilian prisoners.  

Fort Mifflin hosts events throughout the yuear including guided tours, living history demonstrations, musket drills, weapons demonstrations, paranormal programs, and candlelight ghost tours.  They even have an event which will allow you to sleep with ghosts in October.

To learn more about the history of Fort Mifflin and their tours, check out their website.