Covered Bridges of Chester County Pennsylvania

If you are planning a visit to the Brandywine Valley why not take time for a nostalgic drive through our scenic countryside and enjoy our covered bridges.  We still have 12 covered bridges to drive over  in our area.  Some of these date back to 1850 and others have been rebuilt to withstand today’s traffic but all are architectural landmarks of our past.

Enjoy a nostalgic drive through the Brandywine Valley countryside including twelve covered bridges.

Covered Bridge in Chester County

You’ll learn about the different aspects of covered bridge construction such as Burr truss and step portals as well has how they got their names.  To be considered a covered bridge the entire span across the water must be almost entirely enclosed and made of wood.  The purpose was to protect the integrity of the structure so that they lasted much longer than an exposed bridge.  Did you know that although covered bridges have been built all over the word, Philadelphia has the distinction of building the first covered bridge in the United States that went across the Schuylkill River in the early 1800s.  At one time there were over 12,000 covered bridges in the United States but as new methods and materials were discovered these were replaced.  As of now there are only about 900 covered bridges still in existents today and Pennsylvania has the most of any state with over 200.

When we give out directions to our guests to travel from Hamanassett to Winterthur, Hagley, or Nemours, we always direct them over the Smith Bridge covered bridge.  Stay with us and we’ll give you a map with all the covered bridges listed as well as their GPS coordinates.