Brandywine Valley Haunted Houses and Other SpookyHalloween Attractions

Looking for spooks and things that go bump in the night?  Is getting a chill and a thrill your idea of fun for Halloween?  I just learned about the PennHurst Haunted Asylum which is about a 50 minute drive from Hamanassett. If their web site is any indication, this is definitely a place to check out if you like being scared out of your wits The Assylum was a state school that only closed down in 1986 after many allegations of abuse. The new attraction there is a combination of high tech animatronices, digital sound and actors. Even if you don’t plan on going, I suggest reading their web site for interesting information. Fair warning: this web site is scary and noisy so if you are at work, turn the sound down before clicking here.

Another creepy attraction only 10 minutes from Hamanassett is the Haunted Hayride at the Bates Motel. For over 20 years this attraction has been scaring visitors with amazing props and great actors.  Glenn and I went yesterday and believe me, it is anything but hokey.  They also have a haunted corn maze.   Lots of fun for adults, kids, and adults who act like kids.  Click here for more information

Creepy man trying to escape from behind bars.

Inmate behind bars at Bates Motel haunted hayride.