Delaware Art Museum Pre-Raphaelite Howard Pyle John Sloan

You don’t have to go into Philadelphia to find a museum filled with wonderful art.  This small art museum in the Brandywine Valley has several  permanent collections and hosts major special exhibitions throughout the year.   In their permanent collection:

Howard Pyle and American Illustration  Howard Pyle was a native of Wilmington, Delaware and filled his paintings with drama and emotion.  He inspired countless future illustrators and movie directors.  One of the most famous 20th century illustrators, N. C. Wyeth was a student of Mr. Pyle as was Maxwell Parrish.  From the Delaware Art Museum you can drive north along Route 100 ten miles into Pennsylvania and see many of Wyeth’s paintings for illustrations at the Brandywine River Museum.

Howard Pyle

British Pre-Raphaelites  These paintings focus on the past, especially the Middle Ages, the time before Raphael.  Their inspirations came from literature, especially the Bible, Shakespeare, and Arthurian legend.  Paintings are of beautiful seductive women.  The Delaware Art Museum has the largest collection of pre 19ths Raphaelite art outside of the United Kingdom.

Pre-Raphaelite Art

Pre-Raphaelite Art

John Sloan  View the largest collection of John Sloan’s art in the world.

American Art, 19th Century – Present  View masterpieces by major artists including Raphaelle Peale, Winslow Homer, Frederic Church, and Thomas Eakuns.  Also 20th century artists including Isabel Bishop and Edward Hopper, Robert Motherwell,  and Louise Nevelson.

On their website you can learn about hours (Sundays are free!) as well as preview their collections.