5 Things Not to Do at a B&B


Select Registry recently listed 5 Things NOT to do at a Bed & Breakfast and we tend to agree with the list. Our regular guests of course would already be aware of some of these gems but for anyone who has never stayed at a bed and breakfast, here are a few tips.

1) Don’t Assume Breakfast will be Boring

You won’t usually find a frozen bagel and cream cheese or cereal at a bed and breakfast. Hamanassett prides itself on its delicious and creative breakfast dishes like our Drunken Peach or Mango Medley.

2) Don’t Expect to Recognize Anything or Anyone

Every B&B is unique and different and you’ll never experience the same decor, food or people. Often times, even the individual rooms are different in the same bed and breakfast. The rooms at Hamanassett offer romance, comfort, dog friendly and even cottage options.

3) Don’t Worry about Missing the Best Local Activities

B&B Innkeepers often live and work in the area where you are vacationing so they are in-the-know of what’s going on in town. Always ask the Innkeeper for the best places to dine, shop and sightsee or check out Hamanassett’s Blog or Facebook pages where we list plenty of upcoming local events.

4) Don’t Expect to be Ignored

The Innkeepers are your hosts and usually live on the property full-time. They want to get to know you and learn how they can serve you better like any great host would. But if you would prefer to be left alone that’s fine too, just let the Innkeepers know.

5) Don’t be Surprised that the Innkeeper is also the Chef, Groundskeeper, Valet and Wedding Planner

B&Bs are a small business and the Innkeepers often wear many hats. They will check you in, cook you breakfast, clean your room, tend the garden and make your dinner reservation. And they perform each role very well.


Remember you will always receive personalized service at a bed and breakfast when compared to a chain hotel. So consider these tips the next time you book a stay at Hamanassett Bed & Breakfast.