Stone Reliefs Art Project in West Chester

Stone Reliefs by Harry Rosin

Stone Reliefs by Harry Rosin in West Chester

The Stone Reliefs, the largest public art project in the region, by Harry Rosin is located in West Chester, a short 20 minutes drive from Hamanassett Bed & Breakfast.

The four-panel sculpture towers 80-feet above the sidewalk on the first block of North High Street but many walk by it without a second glance. Fifteen carved figures sit within the panels and each represents the earliest days of European settlements in Chester County. Each panel is 10-feet high, 5-feet wide and 1-foot thick and together they weigh a total of 18 tons.

Rosin, best known for his Connie Mack statue at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, completed the sculpture in 1966.

This “hidden in plain sight” sculpture may be easy to walk passed unnoticed but it should not be missed.