Romance at Hamanassett Bed & Breakfast in the Brandywine Valley

The Brandywine Valley is a beautiful  place to visit any time of the year but it is at its most magical during the Chjrostmas season.  Every attraction is decked out for the season and Hamanassett Bed & Breakfast is no exception.  To answer the curious we spend 6 weeks getting the house ready.  This year I received a call in October from Alex who had visited us with his girlfriend Pryia a few months before.  Alex was planning to propose to Pryia and wanted this occassion to be a life long memory.  I was delighted to become his co-conspirator in planning Pryia’s surprise.  Alex explained to me that each year the two of them give each other a Christmas ornament.  He decided that this year the ornament would be a box into which he could put the engagement ring and hang on the tree at Hamanassett.  At the appointed time he and Pryia would come into the living room to share a bottle of champagne and he would tell Preyia she had to find her ornament.  It took a bit of doing since all the ornaments were new to her but eventually she found it.



Once Pryia found the ornament and opened the box she was speechless.  At that point Alex got down on one knee to propose in the old courtly way.  I was so excited for the two of them I could hardly keep the camera from shaking.  And she said yes!  Their precious little French Bull Dog, Cam, approved.

We’ve had many lovely couples get engaged while staying at Hamanasett but this was the first time I was able to help out.  I was honored to be a small part of this most glorious ocassion and I wish them a long happy life together.