National Bacon Day, Labor Day, and the Brandywine Valley

Who doesn’t love bacon?  For several years I’ve seen lots of new recipes with bacon including bacon ice cream.  I just learned that there is a National Bacon Day celebrated every Labor Day (okay, I’m a little behind on the news but blame that on spending so much time running the bed and breakfast I rarely get to watch TV or even read the paper).   So now I’m on a quest to find new and exciting recipes to prepare at Hamanassett Bed & Breakfast this Labor Day weekend.  And you can really get into the mood by celebrating this wonderful holiday in our area with a wine and bacon pairing.  Penns Woods Winery, only 6 miles from Hamanassett Bed & Breakfast is offering a five course wine and bacon pairing on August 31, and September 1.  Each dish will be prepared by a local chef or artisan and yes, one of the courses is bacon ice cream.   Another course will be prepared by Chef Kaz Mitsui of Azie Restaurant .  Azie is one of the top restaurants in our area and on our list of recommened restaurants when visiting Hamanassett.   To see the menu at Penns Woods for the bacon and wine pairing and learn about some of the other terrific events at Penns Woods click here.    Cost is only $30.00 per person and reservations are absolutely required so call Andrea at 610-459-0808.   To check availability at Hamanassett and for other events in the Brandywine Valley click here.