Dining Under the Stars and Other Events in Media Pennsylvania



Chester County calls itself Chateau Country for good reason,  all the wonderful historic DuPont houses in the area.   But Delaware County right next door also celebrates French heritage.   And if you’d like to sit at an outdoor table at a Paris cafe and enjoy a glass of wine, a wonderful meal accompanied by people watching but don’t have the time or the money to go to France, here is the next best thing.   From now until the end of September, you can enjoy all this every Wednesday in the friendly town of Media, Pa. which is only 5 miles from Hamanassett Bed & Breakfast.  State Street is shut down to traffic from Jackson to Orange Street and all the restaurants set up tables outside.  Shops stay open late.  What a fun way to enjoy summer.

Celebrate Bastille Day in Media this Saturday, July 13 from 6-10:30 PM.  Enjoy theatrical presentations, displays of art, live music,  dancing and plen air painting  I had to go to Wikepedia for that term.  It just means painting outdoors.  So again, you experience France without the time and expense.