Farm to Table in the Brandywine Valley

In the Brandywine Valley we have many farm to table restaurants.  One of our favorites is Terrain Garden Cafe, a short 3 mile drive from Hamanassett Bed & Breakfast.  Located in a green house, you’ll dine in a charming atmosphere where they celebrate the seasons with an ever changing menu.  In addition to farm to table restaurants, we are blessed with an abundance of farms and farm stands.

Got a hankering to get out of the city and see where your food comes from?  One farm of note in Chester County is Wyebrook Farm’s Market and Cafe.  Located in Honey Brook on land that has been farmed for over 200 years, you’ll find cattle, chickens and heritage pigs.  The owner, Dean Carlson, went from being a bond trader to a farmer who specializes in sustainable agriculture.   The cattle are grass-fed and Dean follows rotational grazing, moving the cattle to a fresh pasture at least once a day.  There are also pigs which are raised in a woodlot so they get maximum exercise.   He also has Freedom Rangers chickens which are known for their exceptional flavor.  At Wyebrook Farm  they produce the healthiest animals and best food without the use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, hormones or antibiotics.

In addition to the farm there is a market and cafe where you can look out the windows onto the pastures and there is also a deck for dining when weather permits.   On weekends, Wyebrook Farm welcomes visitors to wander around their land, meet the animals in their natural habitat, and enjoy a meal.  The market is open Friday from 3 to 7, and Saturday and Sunday from 11 to 6.  The cafe is open Saturday and Sunday from 11 to 5.  On Saturday you will enjoy live music in the afternoon.  They are also offering chef dinners with guest chefs each month.