Dog Friendly Bed and Breakfasts

Hamanassett Bed and Breakfast is a dog friendly bed and breakfast in the Brandywine Valley.  We have two cottages and one bedroom in the main house that are dog friendly.  Our dog friendly room in the main house is the Cambridge Room which is on the second floor and at the end of the hall.   We discovered early on in our innkeeping career that when you have a guest dog and someone walks past the room chances are the dog is going to start barking.  The Cambridge is away from all the other rooms so no chance of barking from the guest dog.

Over the years we have hosted many wonderful fuzzy butt guests from tiny Malteses to Mastiffs and their wonderful two legged friends who brought them.  Check the pair below.  How can you not fall in love with these guests?

We also have two of our own dogs.  Brandy, our 9 year old Doberman, came from the Doberman Alliance.  Bentley is a 3 year old English Setter and was rescued out of a puppy mill in Missouri.  Both of them were skin and bones when they came to our forever home for them.   Both are happy as can be now.  If you are considering getting a pet, whether it be a cat or a dog, I urge you to consider adoption.  No matter what breed you like there is a rescue organization for them.  Or you can find a wonderful loving pet at your local Humane Society.

Busted!  He knows the furniture is only for two legged guests but every now and then he tries to get around the rules.  Just had to snap this picture before reminding him to stay off the furniture.

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