Special Events in Media, Pa.!

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20 On The Town” – A Town-Wide Promotion!  Only 5 miles from Hamanasstt Bed and Breakfast

This Saturday, November 13 will mark the 1st Annual “20 On The Town” event throughout downtown Media’s shopping district. All day Saturday, over 45 shops and restaurants throughout Media will feature discounts or other promotions focused around the number 20.  The discounts and specials will vary from location to location. You’ll receive savings like 20% off everything you can fit in a bag at Ten Thousand Villages, or 20% off iZon lenses at the Media Eye Works “See 20/20/20” event.

Look for this logo on the doors and windows of participating business.   Click here to see the Facebook event page for more info! 

http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=cqtu7ycab&et=1103881560989&s=138&e=001G8Mcs6dNUIQvdK9uOJu0KNyE2nIh4yuCVqSV58wD5f4m3770kvMRIX4IpcIirwTy-6GG6GaSRKX1eTS_JzMMALQat0xKpcMZjzozqYVF9VJ2zAR4RYQ4_MZUUz1YYaYG2Iden5hCBwc=Nov 13th is also 2nd Saturday. Media is your go-to destination for unique and authentic shopping and dining, so mark your calendars, invite a friend, and get a jump on the holiday season in Media, PA – A New State of Mind.