The Joys of Innkeeping

One of the joys of innkeeping is all the wonderful people we meet that we wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity of meeting.  In our eight years of innkeeping many interesting people have passed through our doors.  We’ve had politicians, foreign dignitaries, and a few celebrities.   Every guest is interesting in their own way.   But none are more interesting than a guest we had last weekend.  Usually I would never use a guest’s name but in this case I have her permission so I can tell you about her and her organization.    This is not my typical blog but I just was so touched I wanted to help get her story out.

MarleneMaxion founded an organization called Kozy Kaps 4 Kids which provides chemo kaps for sick children.  Each Kap is like each child; unique and special in its own way.  The faces of these incredibly brave children, fighting cancer or other serious illnesses, just beam with joy when choosing their own Kozy Kap.  Although their focus is on children, they also create kaps for adults.    Marlene and women across the nation donate their precious time, yarn, and talents to design and create colorful, fun, outstanding hand crafted “chemo caps”.  With their dedicated efforts and generosity Marlene has personally delivered and gifted in excess of 7000 Kozy Kaps since February 2006.  She travels to meet children near and far, from New York to Tennessee.  Kozy Kaps 4 Kids has been grandfathered into The Ronald McDonald House, St. Jude Children’s Hospital and Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. 

This is a 501K organization run on a very short shoestring and it could use help.  If you knit or crochet here is your project for the winter.  If you have yarnleft over from that Christmas sweater you made Uncle Bubba send it to them.  Or if you even have a spare $5-10; it all helps.