Ashley’s Excellent Adventure with Channel 6

It was such fun having the crew from 6abc here.  We are delighted they chose us to profile for their show on romantic getaways and to profile our cooking class.  Needless to say, I was nervous.  However, their producer, Wendy, and cameraman, Dan, couldn’t have been nicer and put us at ease right away.  In fact, I got so comfortable that at one point I forgot Dan was following me and hit his camera with a door.  The morning was devoted to filming our preparing and serving breakfast to 8 wonderful guests.  Wendy then left to pick up the host of FYI, Adam Joseph.  We thought he would be here for a brief time just to get a shot of him working with our chef.  Instead, Adam stayed for the entire class.  What a sweetheart he is!  He pitched right in and really became adept at making the roses out of tomatoes.  By the end of the class he had almost as much food on his apron as on the plate but it was apparent he truly enjoyed the class.

I fared less well when Adam interviewed me.  As soon as I saw the light turn on on the camera I had a brain freeze.  Have no idea what I said to him so I will be looking forward to seeing the show along with everyone else.

For those of you who live on Long Island, Hamanassett is also going to be included in an article on romantic getaways in the Long Island Newsaday paper this Sunday, January 31.