Petiquette at Our Dog-Friendly Bed and Breakfast

We are proud to offer a pet-friendly lodging alternative to hotels in Eastern PA. However, we hope that our pet-owning guests will also give us every reason to STAY dog-friendly. Please read this thoroughly so you, your pet and other guests will be safe and happy, and we can keep our inn open to all four-legged friends!

We have learned that leaving a dog alone in a strange house is not at all like being left alone in your personal home. Please remember that you are liable for your pet at all times, and you are also responsible for damage, injury or lost revenue due to your pet.

We have supplied your room with a basket containing sheets to put over furniture and a towel for wiping off wet or dirty paws. Also included are bags for placing your dog's calling cards. Trash cans are located by the barn and down the driveway to the left of the main house. Please pick up after your dog. We provide a pooper scooper in the Carriage House, and there is a buried receptacle for disposal in the back yard. Under no circumstances should you walk your dog in the area directly in front of the inn.

Dogs should be clean, free of fleas, and brushed before arriving at Hamanassett Bed & Breakfast. This is especially important with long-haired dogs.

Dogs are not allowed in beds. If there is evidence of dog hair in the bed, you will be charged an additional $100.00 fee in addition to the $25.00 per night cleaning fee. Please respect this rule. Cleaning sheets, blankets, and comforters full of dog hair takes an inordinate amount of time.

Always keep your pet on a leash while on Hamanassett Bed & Breakfast property and near others. Other adults, children or another pet may fear your animal. We provide a guide book that lists places you may visit with your dog. Darlington Walking Trail is only ¼ mile to the left on Darlington Road, and dogs are welcome to walk there.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Have a great stay!

I have read the above and agree to abide by all regulations. In the event my pet damages the property, I agree that Hamanassett Bed & Breakfast may charge my credit card to cover all costs of damage and any lost revenue while damage is being repaired.